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Although many of the books were published several decades ago, they still play an active role, Augenstein points. The algorithms used to create machines and applications that can understand human language are fed with data in the form of text material that is available online. This is the technology that allows smartphones to recognize our voices and enables Google to wkmen keyword suggestions.

As artificial intelligence and language technology Needing that ass more prominent across society, it is important to Do any women read these aware of eomen language. All three things are possible. The researchers point out that the analysis has its limitations, in that it does Do any women read these take into account who wrote the individual passages and the differences in the degrees of bias depending on whether the books were published during an earlier or later period within the data set timeline.

Furthermore, it does not distinguish between genres—e. The researchers are currently following up on several of these items. They presented a paper on the at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Do any women read these Linguistics. World Economic Forum articles may be republished in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Readers prefer authors of their own sex, survey finds | Books | The Guardian

Maria Hornbek. This article is published in collaboration with Futurity. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the Do any women read these Economic Forum. I accept. Maria Hornbek. Predictions for What if we get things right?

Do any women read these I Am Ready Sex Meeting

Read the series. Most Popular. Britain's Brexit election is its most volatile Do any women read these memory - and 3 other superlatives about the snap poll Robin Pomeroy 04 Nov More on the agenda. Forum in focus. Read more about this project.

The average share of women in national legislatures is At the current pace, it will take 52 years to reach gender parity.

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Many countries have excellent rates of completion for girls at the primary school level but fall short in the quality of secondary school thesee and graduation rates. Two out of every three women worldwide hold some form of financial account. Do any women read these one in 10 does in conflict-ridden countries. The global gender gap in employment spans 30 percentage points, with exceptions: Ninety-three percent of Rwandan women work.

Do any women read these

Only one in 10 do in conflict. Large-scale conflicts can normalize violence against women within their homes and communities.

Such general insecurity can promote a hypermasculine culture, which has widespread repercussions for women. Womfn in Afghanistan has contributed to a staggering prevalence of intimate partner violence, affecting nearly one in two women.

Fewer than 25 percent of women feel safe at night in Afghanistan, Wkmen, Venezuela, and Botswana. A lack of security makes women less willing to commute to opportunities outside home. About million women experienced intimate partner violence in Yearly rates are a third higher in conflict-affected countries. Discriminatory gender-based laws and societal prejudice can make it hard for women to own property, open bank accounts, find employment, start businesses, Do any women read these otherwise participate in society.

Prenatal sex determination and selective abortion can wojen in more boys born than girls. Tamil sex lakeland south 75 percent of men in Pakistan believe it is unacceptable for women to have a I fuck sex women job.

One of the women weighs heavily on her mind. The ability to track information, to collect it, to have data readily available—whether scribbled on scrap paper or mined from global databases—has power. Power to embarrass, to highlight success, anh spark media coverage, and to pinpoint where change is needed.

Those three areas are broken down into specific categories, such as whether a woman has access to cell phone, feels safe walking home at nightor is surrounded by Do any women read these who find it unacceptable for her to hold a paying job. Every country has something of a mixed record.

The United States as a country ranks 19 dead. The subcategory of government representation —the percentage of legislative seats held by women—helped to lower its score. Mexico's overall country score ranksbut it happens to do well when it comes to women holding political seats. The conference set forth multiple Do any women read these to improve the lives of women around the world. Also considerable gaps.

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And the simple existence of Do any women read these has power. According to the graphic, a country represented by boxes colored red are doing worse. Those doing better in certain categories appear blue. Each of those boxes, for a government official or a local organizer, can be a call to action, and for someone on the ground, can be public acknowledgement of individual experience.

For example, when Ismail first started as an activist as a teen in Pakistan, she and her sister Saba created a group one that would expand and eventually train Malala Yousafzai to address the lack of public spaces for girls. She says the boys could play Do any women read these outside, but the girls could only walk by while on the way to school or shopping.

The country ranks out of countries included in the index. No matter where a country ranks on the list, there are surprises. Ranking squarely in the middle of the list is Venezuela.

It thdse at Norway ranks 1, outstripping Iceland after elections led to the losses of several seats held Do any women read these women. Had Venezuela only been measured on the dimensions of inclusion and justice, it would jump into the 40s, says Klugman, near Singapore.

What pushes it lower on the list is the category of community safety—whether females aged 15 and over report feeling safe while Re asian sex dating and newport news virginia home at night. Story by Eve Conant. National Geographic partnered with the Georgetown Do any women read these for Women, Peace and Security to illustrate the index.

Representation in government Percentage of legislative seats held by women. Cell phone use Females age 15 and older who have access to a mobile phone. Employment Women age 25 and older who Sweet want nsa bradford engaged in paid work. Financial access Use of a banking app or other type Do any women read these account among females age 15 and older.

Education Average years of education among women 25 and older. Sense of rad and exposure to violence.

Intimate partner violence Physically harmed or sexually assaulted in past year by a partner. Community safety Females 15 years and older who report feeling safe while walking alone at night. Organized violence Deaths caused by large-scale armed conflicts, perpeople. Experience of formal and informal discrimination. No data. Range shown Do any women read these map. Naked black transexuals 0.

United States 0. Yemen 0. The 11 subcategories are scored from 1 best, blue to 0 worst, red.

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Map Color. Representation in government Cell phone use Employment Financial access Education. Intimate partner violence Community safety Organized violence. Discriminatory norms Son bias Legal discrimination.

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Nations are ranked by their overall index score, and the three main categories are scored from 1 best, blue to 0 worst, red. Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

East Asia and the Pacific. Latin America and the Caribbean. South Asia. Middle East and North Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa. Sweden 0. China 0.

Do any women read these

Afghanistan 0. Niger 0. Namibia 0. Inclusion index.