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Ready Adult Dating Forced to wear my sisters clothes

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Forced to wear my sisters clothes

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Return to Main "First Encounters" Page. Return to Petticoat Pond's Main Page. Although it was over 50 years ago, I still remember my first time in petticoats in.

At lunch, my brother and I started to argue about whose bike was faster and it was suggested that we sistera a race to decide whose. When our sister said that Forced to wear my sisters clothes winner could wear her clothes for the rest of the day, Mom laughed and said that it wasn't prize either of us would want and said it was more like a penalty; it was changed to the loser would have to wear her clothes for the rest weqr the day.

My brother, sure that he would win, agreed to it. When I saw that I was loosing the race, I put every bit of energy that I had into winning, but my brother was clearly the winner.

Wants Real Dating Forced to wear my sisters clothes

My sister and I got along very well, but neither of us liked our brother much -- he had a mean streak Forced to wear my sisters clothes was often very nasty. I was tto on the grass trying to catch my breath when my sister walked over and said that she was glad that I lost because she wouldn't have wanted our brother wearing her clothes.

Then she told me that she would find me something really nice to wear, as if she was doing me some kind of favor. Our mother had packed up all her best clothes as she outgrew them and stored them in the attic.

When I finished taking a bath and went to her room she had shoes, socks, blue panties, a full waist length petticoat, and blue dress laid out for me. I really was surprised, I had been thinking it would be shorts and Forced to wear my sisters clothes blouse or at worst a skirt.

She told me to put on the petticoat then handed me the blue panties and told me to take off my underpants and put them on.

I Am Wants Dating Forced to wear my sisters clothes

When the dress was on, she saw that it was a little too small -- Forced to wear my sisters clothes said that she would be right back and went to the attic to get something else for me to wear.

When she handed me the ruffled panties and told me to take off the blue ones and put them on.

My Forced to wear my sisters clothes wasn't sympathetic at all, she just told me that I looked very nice and that I should thank my sister for giving me some of Foorced nicest clothes to wear.

When my brother saw me and started to tease me, I told him that it wasn't that bad to try to play it.

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He said that if I liked wearing girls clothes, I was a sissy, I told him that didn't say that I liked it but I was sure that he. Our sister told him that he didn't have to be jealous, she had lots of pretty clothes that he could wear and he went off in a huff all insulted.

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When my father came home, saw me in my sister's clothes and found out Forced to wear my sisters clothes had transpired, I got a long lecture on how I shouldn't make stupid bets because I might loose. Then I knew that I had gotten myself in a real mess.

I knew that, being dressed like a girl on Easter Sunday, everyone would look at me and, with my haircut, everyone would know that I was a boy.

I still remember the woman smiling as she handed me my ice cream cone and saying, Forced to wear my sisters clothes dress is very pretty, you're dressed very nice Sunday mornings my father slept in while we went to church.

As soon as I got up, my sister dressed me up in some of her Sunday clothes. There were enough girls all dressed up that I don't think that Forcrd was even noticed.

When our sister said that the winner could wear her clothes for the rest of the day, Mom laughed and said that it wasn't prize either of us would want and said it. My sisters clothes tumblr found on i wear my sisters clothes. Boy In Sisters Dress Boy forced to wear sisters clothes MEMES. Boy In Sisters. Sister make me wear her school uniform I was alone in the house one Sunday evening. My sister had gone out to ballet practice so I thought I'd sneek up to her room. Next morning I woke to see my school uniform replaced by a white blouse, black skirt, bra, tights and a pair of white.

Forced to wear my sisters clothes Several days later, our mother went grocery shopping and we all had to go to help carry the bags of groceries home. I was so afraid that one of my friends would see me that if I'd have come face to face with one of them, I'd have probably wet. My sister always dressed me in two petticoats, a full waist length and girl's full length over it.

At first the front of the petticoats would bounce up and down a lot. She had me take shorter steps, not bend my knees so much and swing my whole leg forward, Though I didn't realize it at the time she was teaching sisrers to walk like a girl.

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By the end of the Forced to wear my sisters clothes, I was getting used to having my sister dressing me up and walking around the house in her clothes and, instead of feeling strange, Escort arvika locanto think that I started to like the way they felt. It wasn't because I didn't like wearing girls' clothes but because I hadn't gone out to play in a week.

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At first it wasn't bad, it made her happy, she was always very nice to me and made it seem like fun. One day, after nearly getting caught several times, our mother was downstairs doing laundry, and she wanted to dress me up.

When I refused she said that she would tell our father that I liked wearing her clothes, and that he would probably make me wear them for a month, and then she could dress me up every day. It gradually tapered off, but it was almost two years before it stopped.