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Need to vent so close but away

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Top definition.

To vent is to let off steam by saying everything that's on your mindusually out of anger. Ventingor to vent; means someone is asking you for advice or just Neeed someone to talk to.

Can I vent to you?

I need to vent Term meaning to let of steam. Have shoutcomplain or.

I really needed to vent, so I got on the phone to that bitch. A slang for the term Ventriloan internet chat program, that allows users to voice communicate over the internet.

Vent unknown. The Xenomorphs Crawl Person 1: Uhh dude something moved in the vent did you see that?

Person 2: Yeah Person 1: we should check it out Person 2: lets go Person 1: Dude wher-eklghkler;gkjg. Why do you always buut your anger on others?

Need to vent so close but away I Am Searching Sex Contacts

Tom : Anyone on vent? Jerry : only me n stacy.

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